What is allofeeding? To be honest with you, I had never heard the term prior to today. This morning when I opened my living room blinds to the window that looks out over my bird feeder, I spotted on the porch rail two cute, small birds that looked like finches. One of them had a seed in its mouth and popped it inside the mouth of the other. My heart was deeply touched by this tiny creature sharing its food. That's what allofeeding is--when a bird passes food to another bird. I often see different species of birds feeding together at our feeder, but this was quite a unique, pleasant, and exciting thing for me to witness firsthand!

My favorite little tufted titmouse that feeds regularly at our feeder

I love photographing natural creation, and birds are just one of the many specimens that I photograph. I have many in my gallery of photos. So please visit my online stores where you can find nature gifts of various types for every member of your family, from babies to older adults. And doesn't that just make a whole lot of sense? I mean, after all, our Almighty Creator did design and create the earth and all the good things in it for everyone's benefit and enjoyment!

Have a beautiful day, and as always, this is from my heart to yours!

Maxine :)

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