The Gift Of Nature

"Poppin' Pink" Moss Roses

Hello, nature lovers!

What makes you gaze at a display of beautiful flowers? Why do you enjoy watching animals running around and playing with each other? When a stunning sunrise or sunset paints the horizon, what motivates you to stop whatever you're doing and stare longingly at it?

Considering our busy schedules, we may not always take time to "stop and smell the roses." However, when we do, aren't we mesmerized by all the beauty of natural creation that God has given us? And suddenly, do we not feel a tremendous sense of awe and calmness? So much that we just cannot wait to share what we've witnessed with others, especially those dear to us!

And still, there remains to be seen so much that our eyes have not yet beheld. Ecclesiastes 3:11 indicates that even if we live forever, we will never learn everything that God has made from start to finish. How does that make you feel? Well, it depends on your perspective. If it were possible for us to learn it all, more than likely, we would be extremely sad when there was nothing new left to discover. On the other hand, if we never learn everything, we will never run out of all the marvelous, beautiful things God has created whether they are essential for life or simply for our enjoyment.

Don't you agree that the gift of nature brings us boundless joy? Not just to the recipient but also to the giver. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

From my heart to yours!


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